Ca’ Tron

Historians disagree on the region of origin of the patrician Tron family, but they all agree on the antiquity of its arrival. It seems that the Trons, together with other families, the church dedicated to St. Eustace in the year 966. The family who owned it boast one doge by the name of Nicolò, elected in 1471. Palazzo Tron in St. Eustace gave hospitality to Massimiliano the Elector of Bavaria, and in 1739 one of its spires was struck by lightning. Andrea Tron gave a splendid ball there in 1775 for the Emperor Giuseppe II, who had come to visit Venice with other princes. This senator, a distinguished statesman, was held in great esteem by the Crown Prince of Russia. The Tron family died out on the 8th June 1800; the last scion was Vincenzo q. Nicolò, who had been a lieutenant in Udine, and the palazzo is now the seat of the University of Architecture of Venice, and has a notable ballroom with a frescoed ceiling by Jacopo Guaranda.

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